Add time function
Child lock
Diamond stainless steel drum
A++ Energy class
Heat pump
Ice blue LED display
Sensor drying

This eco friendly ‘Heat Pump’ dryer with an A++ efficiency rating, uses hot air to withdraw moisture from clothes and deposit into a collection tank, meaning no more hot air in your washroom and no unnecessary vents on external walls. With the ice blue LED display this adds the finishing touches to an impressive machine.


8kg Drum Capacity
A ++ Energy Efficiency
Stainless Steel Drum
White Colour
1 Year Warranty


85×59.5×63 Product Dimensions (mm) HxWxD
89x66x68.5 Package Dimensions (mm) HxWxD
48kg Net Weight (kg)
51kg Gross Weight (kg)
162/40hq Loading Quantity (units)